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Emma Lingard
Walking is a great pastime, a break from regular life. For me, combining my love for walking with my passion for history brings you this. As your tour guide, I’ll help you disconnect from your everyday world, so you can immerse yourself in what is around.

Emma stood by a tree in Healing Manor
History lover, walker, loves the outdoors
 I love leading guided tours and meeting the many people that come along. For some it's a chance to explore new surroundings, while for others it is reconnecting to past memories. After having worked for years in the media and in particular on TV documentaries about local history, I am able to bring my skills and experience as a presenter and researcher to guide people and tell them stories. 

I am passionate about what I do and love to uncover new snippets of information all the time. So my tours may never be the same, as I constantly refresh them. I love it when people join in and give us their stories as it all adds to the tour. I like it when people leave having learnt something new.

When I'm not leading tours I manage my own PR company and work part time for Age UK Lindsey as their Communications Officer. I also teach part time for the WEA delivering sessions on local history based on these tours. In between all of this my book Grimsby Streets - on which the Grimsby tours are based - comes out in July 2017. 

When I'm not doing any of the above then I can be found  wandering the countryside, walking my dogs, or riding my horse. 

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